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RERT - Gallery - Let Our Team Help You


Welcome to our Gallery! We are very excited to share our recent project in Taunton, MA. Our Team takes pride in the renovation of this two building, four unit multi-family rental property.

Landscaping and new railings improve curb appeal.

A before and after of the entrance into the kitchen area, taking out the kitchen pass through and moving the doorway over, making space for the refrigerator and opening up the kitchen.

The former space for the refrigerator was turned into a pantry area, adding more storage to the kitchen.

Our team rearranged the counter, creating more space to walk through and opening this area for more natural light. Shelves and new floor tiles were added in this area as well.

In this room we added additional lighting and a fresh coat of paint.

Some paint, carpeting and minor repairs cleaned this room up beautifully!

Stairway freshened up with new paint and additional lighting.

This upstairs bedroom was painted, carpeted and after a few minor repairs, created a brighter and more inviting room. In this photo, Emelita is hard at work!

New white paint, hardware, counter and sink gives this kitchen a cleaner and brighter look.

Repairing damaged areas around this bathtub area and new fixtures to bring this room back to life.

A total kitchen makeover including painting, new flooring, new stove, lighting fixtures, counter tops, sink, hardware fixtures and cabinet doors.

New paint and tile refreshes this stairway, giving it a totally new look.

Lots of hard work brought this bathroom from dingy to beautiful.

Another bathroom with a beautifully updated and fresh look.