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Probate/Inherited Property

When a homeowner passes away leaving behind a property, after the grieving process, the descendants must then decide what to do with that property. This can be a difficult and emotional experience. Our Team understands all of the emotions and questions involved as many have gone through the same process and know how to avoid the problems and pitfalls that arise during this process.

If the property needs to go through the probate process, we can suggest an experienced probate specialist to help you through the process. We can help you find a buyer if you do not wish to keep the property or we may purchase the property ourselves to fix up and then pass on to a qualified family looking for a great home.

Many times a property that is going into probate will need either updating or extensive repairs. If your desire is to move on quickly and not have to deal with the contractors, sub-contractors and the hassles associated with a rehab project. We may be able to purchase the property as-is.

We can look at your property and see how we may be able to help you. Remember, there is no cost and no obligation to you.

Call us today! 774.406.3321

*First and foremost, we advise anyone to check any agreements with a competent local real estate attorney prior to signing anything, as state requirements may vary and laws may change at any time.