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Many people, if they have dealt with a rehab project and the issues associated with getting a property done correctly and in a reasonable time, dealing with contractors, inspectors and delivery delays, vow that they would never do it again. They also frequently under estimate the costs of the project. They also don't figure in the extra costs of continuing taxes, utilities, insurance, mortgage payments, the many delays and costs associated with selling the property. When they are finished, all their gains have been eaten up by the extra costs that they did not figure on. The property may have been sold for more, but in many cases they didn't get any more in their pocket, and it took 6 to 12 months longer to sell. A professional rehabber that does this all the time normally figures in a minimum of six months of these extra costs to get any property rehabbed and sold. Do you think that you can get it done quicker than someone who has crews ready and waiting to get the work done? Many people who have done a rehab now will say "Never again."

Call us today and we will then look at your property and give you a fair price for your house "as-is". That means you don't have to fix a thing. You are free to move on without any worries.

Remember, there is no cost and no obligation to you!

Call us today! 774.406.3321

*First and foremost, we advise anyone to check any agreements with a competent local real estate attorney prior to signing anything, as state requirements may vary and laws may change at any time.